Friday, September 13, 2013

A new orphan has come to stay

Right now we are working to get her eating the amount she needs.  We had to put food in her mouth the first day and did once the second.  She seems to eat on her own now - not as much as we want her to, yet.  Hopefully that goes well, then we will continue from that point.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Trying something new

One of the boys wants to learn taxidermy, so we included that for one of his subjects this year.  Right now he likes taxidermy better than Physics, Math, American Lit, and History.  LOL  Kind of figured he would.  Choir, Bible and Phy Ed have always been subjects he has enjoyed.

Anyway - he found a site that discussed egg tanning.  So, since he has the hides (he has been collecting all summer to get ready for this year), he is giving it a shot.  So far, interesting.  I forgot to take photos of the fleshing/drying/washing/rubbing egg in, but if it works, he wants to try with another sheep hide.  One note - he did read that sheep hides would work with this, but something like a deer hide won't - because of thickness.

Why egg tanning?  We have an overabundance of eggs right now.  The old girls are really laying, so we are using those eggs to process the sheep hides.

Hoping to be able to smoke the hide (wool on) this weekend without burning it!