Sunday, August 16, 2009

Scrappy Saturday

Had a blast meeting with the Twin Cities Crop Group. Waaay too much fun. Totally love the pizza and desert! I finished up some layouts I wanted to complete for DS Eagle Ceremony. Another is layout of another ds taking a nap - he didn't know I had the camera until after he was done stretching (journal will be added later). In the bottom picture, one of the embellishments has shifted - will fix, however, I am looking for a new adhesive. My tombow (loved it for a long time) tends to not lay down the adhesive correctly and the feed ribbon/paper has broken on the last two. They weren't purchased at discounts either, so I am trying new things. I don't care for one I tried, but the Elmers (never knew they made scrappy adhesive) seems to hold very, very well. Haven't compared prices quite yet - just trying to find another that I like. Any suggestions?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Beautiful Technique ATC Swaps!

My photography is slowly (very slowly) improving - these turned out better than my first set of pictures. Pictured below are the swaps completed by the swap group for Techniques Only ATC's.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The fun continues

Rosie and Waffles are adapting quickly. They are both comfortable enough with ds to roll over in a very small pile of sand (there will be more in the pasture, but they are getting used to other animals by living in the barn these days). Waffles seems interested in the kitten, but chases the cats.

Barney (below) is taking easy - sunning himself (he was eating something and didn't appear to be too worried that he was sitting on a piece to a gate he or Betty had knocked over).

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Waffles is Wonderful!

No, the title does not contain a grammar error - below you will see the latest additions to our home - two beautiful Mediterranean Burros.

Rosie, the mom has a great disposition and seemed to take to the place right off. She jumped off the trailer and started eating. Once she made it to her pen, she seemed to like her water and is enjoying her hay.

Waffles, a baby girl, was very happy to roam around, and as one of ds discovered, is very light.