Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Its National Battery Day!!

Boy we seem to fly through those things sometimes. Right now I am using my laptop with the screen type mouse as my wireless mouse's batteries died :( Oh well!

Looking at headlines this morning makes me want to turn away and just scrap, however, much as I would like to, there are other tasks to be done. Cleaning, teaching, chores, laundry and hopefully scrapping later on today!

I realize I haven't posted anymore faithbooking layouts - but I will - my goal is by Friday (have to charge my camera batteries!). The newest challenge between Scrapper Lady and I consists of Tim Holtz inks, grungeboard, and two other items I cannot remember right now - will post later.

Above - ds was amazed that his dog was able to jump on bales just like the others. Not sure why he didn't think she could, she is very athletic, though she acts very lady like most of the time.

Have a great day!

Friday, February 13, 2009

New Scrapbook Challenge

Check out this great site for information about a year-long scrapping challenge! One project a month and members of the site vote for the winners. Membership is free, so anyone can enter.

I am looking forward to getting both my January and February challenges done by this weekend.

Not much scrappy yesterday, except teaching ds to use my cricut and patience, patience, patience as he told me he didn't need to put letters/shadows together the way mom suggested, then waiting while he removed them from his sign to turn letters around the correct way. I guess I didn't have to point out that his G, and N's were backwards, but he figured out the E's and F's really quick, so just wanted to help. He completed his sign and it looked great when done.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

White Tee-Shirt Day

My son should like this one - he wears plain, old, white tee-shirts a lot!

Well - Suzie is doing fine - she is pretty content in her home and likes to play with her wooden carrot a lot. She seems to be doing just fine. She gets stared down by Autumn a lot, but pretty much ignores the dog. Autumn, on the other hand is having a tough time dealing with Suzie in the house. They are comical. Above is Autumns face as she sits watching the bunny.

I am still working on B. I don't have a clear idea of the direction to go quite yet - there are so many things to choose from, I don't quite know where to go. I will be praying that some choice pops out. (B, for me, is kind of like looking at a copy paper box of pictures and trying to decide where to start)

Welcome to Ceceparsley who is joining our Faithbooking journey! It should be a great experience. If anyone else wishes to join - just let me know. You can either start with the letter we are on, or another letter - whichever you prefer. One of our goals is to leave records of our faith for our children. I cannot think of a better legacy to leave them - letting them see how God has influenced our lives and is involved on a daily basis.

No pictures this morning - maybe I will get some creating done later today (I hope so). Have a great White T-Shirt Day!

Well guess who needed a bath! One of the dogs decided that playing in the large puddle that is now in our cow lot would be fun - needless to say - HE STINKS!! I don't do much with dogs (unless needed), so the kids are bathing him. His stench is gone and they are having fun. Not so sure the dog is enjoying nearly as much as the kids (they are soaked). Well - it has always been said that good, clean fun is the best!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another House Guest!

Well - I never intended to have a rabbit inside my house, but ds was trying to breed two of his rabbits and it was NOT love at first site. The male started attacking his female, of course not when we were around, so she has moved into our house until she heals. She should be fine - everything is pretty superficial. Her name is Suzie. Her intended mate, Bill, is now again on his own, don't know that he will ever see another female.

Suzie is interesting to watch. She has been in a barn with ducks and chickens, so the noise hasn't bothered her, neither have the dogs or cats. I never planned to have a zoo inside my house! Anyway - above are some pictures ds took of little Suzie. She is a New Zealand Dwarf (I believe, ds has better knowledge than I of these things). She is a good little girl and it has been interesting, though it is driving another ds's golden retriever nuts. (she is pictured earlier in this blog with a pirate hat on her head.) Autumn is not fond, actually she is overly fond, of Suzie. So much so that I believe she would enjoy having Suzie for dinner. The fun never ends :)

I actually got some scrapping done (well, some was done a long time ago) and these are some birthday cards for a swap I am in over at ScrapbookingFun. One of these days I will get better at close up pictures. (ds took the one of his rabbit - looks like I need to ask him what he did)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Lame Duck Day?

What a name for a day. Works for the snowman above - he was in a sled wreck :)

Not a lot of scrapping done today - The weather was beautiful around here. Back inside after chores tonight and sitting by a fire - it may be warm, but it is amazing how wet you get - the fire is nice.

Winter camping starts for youngest ds - he should have a great weekend. It will be warm, but with all the sledding we ended up sending several sets of clothing and outwear.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Not a good turnout

Well - the died - he never came around right - just laid down and that was it.

Another Day At Home

Yes, that is a live baby calf in the house. Mama had a tough delivery (he weighs in at around 145) combined with cold weather and just him being large meant we needed to help out. He was extremely cold, so we were up with baby all night long. He is looking a ton better here. That black mat he is on is almost 3" thick - made for dairy cows to rest on (when 4 are put together). We had it for our old dog, Bear, so he wouldn't get sores when he would lay down in the basement or when he would be in his outdoor run it would be inside for him.

Anyway - Jr has about a 50-50 chance of survival - each new thing increases it (would have said 2% last night when he came inside - could hardly find a heart-beat). Hoping all goes well and that we can get his mama to take him back, but if not, he will be a bottle baby, which is fine as well (yes, I did think of that when I made the decision to bring him inside to warm up).

As far as scrapping - I am hoping to get a lot done today - I finished ds hs hockey layout yesterday (before jr was born) and plan to work on either Faithbooking lo's or some album pages I am donating for organizations. Table is next to jr and I can be sure dogs and cats don't bother him. Above is a hint of the Posterboard I created for ds - from his first skates to his sr year.