Thursday, April 26, 2012

Peanut and Walnut Update

I was recently asked about Peanut and Walnut.  They are doing well.  Peanut tends to be a bit accident prone, but she has recovered from recent injuries (mainly to her horns).  She is not an exemplary example of a cow, but she is a wonderful help with petting zoos.  She loves kids and doesn't mind them playing with her horns.  We will get another photo of her later - my camera card filled, so I have to do some deleting/ordering of pictures before taking photos.

Walnut is now a steer and has been ridden (he doesn't mind, though most riding steers have horns) and learning how to pull a cart.

As you can see, both are doing well and pretty happy to have the rain let up for a few days.  I will be adding some recent layouts I finally completed as well.  I have been having fun playing with my gypsy and welding - I think I used Country life (maybe) and Alphalicious for the Peanut the Wonder Cow title.  Her horns were not very big at this petting zoo.

I love the look of mosaic layouts, but have a really tough time creating.  This one was made very fun by using a lot of the swaps I have for school themes!  The swaps are from both and the cricut board.

I used a martha punch for this layout, along with some fun techniques I have been wanting to try.  I clipped pieces for the story from some October Afternoon papers.  The leghorns are looking wonderful these days, however, I was not thrilled with the ones who jumped out of their box and were running around in the back of my vehicle!  The Thank You in the lower right corner of the bottom page is the front of a card I received - worked perfect on this layout as I love to repurpose anything I can!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A completed mini.

Mini album created for swap over at  The rest of the photos (I think there are at least 25 more) are over on my other blog - click on the side  - Scrapbooks and Cows II !

I really need to figure out how to combine these two blogs as I don't want two.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Tried a new swap

Making butterflies. They were interesting to make - glad to have done it, not sure I will do anymore. I just don't quite have the hang of making them. Maybe more practice
is the better alternative.

And now for something fun - at a crop a bit ago i made this fun title. I just cut out the words - the little monster frame (photo mat actually) was from a swap over at! I cut the words using a cricut and my gypsy (love t
hat little gadget). Being able to weld three different fonts works out for me in this layout.

The most fun was the little nerf darts on the side. I made them on a challenge from my oldest son - from earbuds for ipods/mp3 players and kitchen scrubbers! Yes, my kids love to see what weird stuff I can incorporate.