Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Looking for the 52 week swap pics?

they are on the other blog

In the meantime - check out these beautiful cards that came with the swaps!  I so love receiving handmade notes - they always make my day.  And a huge plus - I tend to use the fronts on pages later on :P.  Anyone who has swapped with me for long has probably seen their card re-purposed as a page element of some type.  I save all the beautiful cards!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Tried something New

Needle felting!

First rule - be careful not to poke yourself.  This may be obvious, but the needles are sharp LOL.

I started with a pansy - nope, doesn't look too much like a pansy, but I figured out the movement with this project.

Next, I tried a bunny face - hmm - maybe I should have started with a dog face as that is what it looked most like.  It had bunny ears, but I felted them down so it looked more dog like.
 Finally - big time now- let's try a sheep!

Well, the ball for the body went fine.  The head was ok, but I forgot the neck.  However, I think the little guy is kind of cute, so, depending on who is looking, he is either a little bear or a sheep who woke up a bit strange.
While I have a long way to go with my technique, I sure did enjoy creating these projects.  Next up will be more work with flowers.  It may not look it, but the pansy was much more difficult than the above animal.  I guess maybe it is because little animals are often pretty cute.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Creativity is on vacation

Working on a class for my site.  Well, when I posted, I had this wonderful idea.

Give it a shot - nothing is working as I had envisioned.  Set the mess aside and come back later.  Tried later - still nothing working out quite right.  However, I did figure one piece - whoo hoo - it is coming along!!    Boy did I think happy thoughts too soon.  The other pages - still not working.  I now have a rather large stack for recycling of stuff I don't like and that didn't work.  Sure glad Boy Scouts recycle paper for us.

So, my class will end up being more basic than I thought and not have anything completely original.  My mini's all are conglomerations of ideas I have seen all over the web and from books.  I only use patterns once, then alter to the size I want.  However, as the class is to be completed in about an hour, that is probably good.

No pictures of anything 'new', but here is a photo of a mini I will be putting into a store.  It isn't very big (as the lady wants things under $20) and has no embellishments other than scraps, but when I laid out some photos inside - it sure looks really cute with pictures.  Believe it or not, this small book can hold over 50 regular photos!

So, off to create - have a great day!