Monday, May 31, 2010

And the race is on . . .

Here they go - Jiggles vs. her shepherd. She runs all over wherever he tends to be. So they decided to race around and back to the bucket. Know what we found out????

Jiggles Cheats!!!!! Silly Lamb - cheating isn't good. Her little shepherd is going down here and she won the race! She discovered that hitting behind the knees will bring down whoever is in front. However, she did come back to see him once she realized he was no longer with her.

If you want to see how Jiggles has grown, go back to January 2009 posts - that is when she was born. Sheering next week.

One Relaxed Cat (and boy)

Orange-o and his owner sacked out for a few zzzzz's on a Sunday afternoon. Sure wouldn't want to think the cat isn't comfortable.

Below is the new dog, Freddy. He is a Beagle/Basset mix and will hopefully train well and quickly to take over for Spot who is currently 15, and having quite a few health issues (we thought he would pass away last summer, but made it through with some TLC). However, we did need a new dog to take over Spot's duties of keeping animals out of the barn and garden. Fred is learning quick, but is still scared of the sheep, cows and ducks. He keeps coming to me when I try to snap photos another will come soon.

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