Monday, April 2, 2012

Tried a new swap

Making butterflies. They were interesting to make - glad to have done it, not sure I will do anymore. I just don't quite have the hang of making them. Maybe more practice
is the better alternative.

And now for something fun - at a crop a bit ago i made this fun title. I just cut out the words - the little monster frame (photo mat actually) was from a swap over at! I cut the words using a cricut and my gypsy (love t
hat little gadget). Being able to weld three different fonts works out for me in this layout.

The most fun was the little nerf darts on the side. I made them on a challenge from my oldest son - from earbuds for ipods/mp3 players and kitchen scrubbers! Yes, my kids love to see what weird stuff I can incorporate.

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MaineOkie said...

i like the butterfly's there beautiful!