Monday, March 18, 2013

Another good sign

Potty break and another pint of milk.  Now it is back down for a nap.  If we can keep her eating a pint every two hours, that would be super.  She still has some rather thin patches of hair and doesn't put her tongue back into her mouth all the time, but she is improving.  We kind of think that we should have woken her up to feed her again last night - she went almost 8 hours without a feeding.  Plus, got out from under her blanket.  Kind of a calf ICU around here right now.

That mat she is on is an 4 x 8 foot dairy cow mat.  We had it for our old lab.  Outdoors in the winter with a heat lamp above so he would stay warm.  Then when he was older and needed to be in the house, we moved it into the basement so he wouldn't have to lay directly on the concrete (unless by choice in the summer).  It is nearly two inches thick, so makes a nice place for her that is also easy to clean and the textured surface keeps it from being too slippery.  She isn't the first calf to use it.  One other thing it works well for - exercising for humans.  It has enough give that you don't hurt your knees and such when doing running in place or other exercises (when it isn't in use by a calf it makes a great workout mat).

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