Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rambo has arrived :)

In sheep form, that is. Ds brought a ram home last night. He is cute - 4 horns (Jacobs) and thinks he is all that. Our 2000# bull stood on one side of Rambo's pen and started bellering at the small ram (about 80#?). Well, Rambo wasn't standing for that, so he climbed up and over the pen, jumped towards the bull and started chasing him around the pasture! Oh boy - talk about a site! (No pics, were worried about animals getting hurt and all, but picture it in your mind - little brown ram - not even as high as the 2000+ pound bull's knees chasing him around a field - at this time -- absolutely hilarious!)

Well - we now have fencing that goes all the way to Rambo's pen ceiling - we don't want to chance him getting out again, not for the bull's protection, but for his own.

The story continues.

Rambo, noticing how much fun it was to chase this large bull, decided to go after the cows. This was still a lot of fun - now there are cows running, the ram following, and two teenage boys chasing the ram down, trying to catch him (dh and I had run errands). Plus our beagle decided that it would be fun to run after the group barking, so very helpful of him!

Well, Rambo then decided to chase calves. This was also fun until he decided to pick on Jerry (who, by the way, weighs in at about 450 pounds). Jerry was not amused, and Charolette, his mother, was even less amused. It was one thing for this little, pain of a ram to chase her, but going after her son was an entirely different matter. (Charolette is the cow at the top of the page)

Charolette immediately stops running, stands still, lowers her head, and Rambo attempts to run her down (yeah, right). He of course is stopped cold (even though the bull weighs more than Charolette, she goes around 1700 lbs). Rambo, with his never give up attitude, returns to his feet (Charolette hasn't moved at this point, just head down snorting at him - Jerry is in the rear looking like he is saying, "Go get 'im, Mom") puts his head down and takes off towards our dear Charolette.

Care to guess what happens next? Charolette, at the appropriate time, takes a single step forward, head down into the oncoming Rambo. Rambo, still thinking he is tough for about another second, butts heads with her as hard as he can, only now, 1700 pounds of force is returning towards him (slow, but nevertheless, on-coming). Rambo hits, goes flying head over heals backwards, rolling and bleating -- where did this vicious thing come from, finally rights himself, and runs to the side of his pen.

Oldest ds grabs one of Rambo's horns (Rambo still thinks he is being tough, but the boys are plenty able to control him at this point), and leads him back to his pen. Rambo did suffer a bloodied nose, but seems to be ok otherwise. No broken bones or anything, and Charolette, once the ram left her calf, returned to eating her hay. So ends another Saturday morning around our house.

Wonder what this afternoon will bring?

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