Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Using "Stuff"

Maybe I am the only one who does this (boy, I hope not); anyway, when you are done with a layout and everything has been put away, ever find a single brad or button or whatever?

I do - sometimes they get put away, other times they end up in this baby food jar I have on my table (I put some ribbon on to make it look more festive).

Well, I am hosting a grungeboard atc swap (2.5 x 3.5 artist trading cards). I listed on All Moments Remembered (site: well as this new site I found (thanks jblaze!) called Swaps - I'm so addicted! (site:

Anyway - I was looking for a single way to do the ATC's, when I saw my little jar of "leftovers". My leftovers are taking almost the entire space in the jar these days, so I figured I would try some out (thinking I had more in my stash). Well, I played around with my first ATC - grungeboard base, alcohol inks, ribbons, staples, brads, etc., completed it and thought "Yeah, I figured out my swap!" No such luck :( I forgot that sometimes when I put things into my little leftover jar, that is what it actually is - leftover. Ok - so lets try some other ideas.

I tried the next atc - ok, but I knew I didn't have more of the same, so I made another - "you know what", I thought, I talk to myself a lot, "these look kind of fun, all being different." Sooooo, you guessed it, I am not making them all different. Some may be similar, but I was just having way too much fun making all of these unique ATC's. If you have joined my swaps - which one will you get? (pics coming soon to a blog near you :))


Marfa said...

I love using things up....what about for making cards? I never buy cards, but use up odds and ends well by making cards!!!

Scraprageous said...

great idea - I do that as well!