Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sorry for large update delay

But things got a bit hectic. Oldest ds is now gone for summer at a job - The years really have flown right on by - seems only yesterday he was this little guy with a screwdriver or hammer asking if they would work to fix one of his toys. It is another stage of life - college this fall and he is off. Quite often, I am thankful that he has been prepared to be on his own, yet part of me still sometimes wishes he wasn't - oh boy - the fun of being a mom :)

Life goes on - we did a lot of running to get him ready to move out for work, got him moved and the will be back the day before classes start, ready to find an apartment when time and $$ permit, I am quite sure. I am proud of him, but it is bittersweet.

Scrapping has been going on as well. Unfortunately, one of my swap parcels took a bad direction - next time I will be using delivery confirmation so we can find it. If anyone out there was in the Just Chillin' boys paper swap - I am sorry my stuff didn't arrive, and very thankful to Melody for taking care of things for me during a very tough week.

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