Friday, June 12, 2009

Couldn't believe it!!!!

Went out for afternoon/evening chores - guess what!!!! Yes, it is a baby, no idea it was coming!! Boy is my son excited!


glograbear said...

Where are U ranching @?.I'm a former cowgirl on a ranch in Dripping Springs Tx as a teenager in the 60's. I luv UR photo's of Ur animals. I do miss the o/doors
I'm a maverick Texan who makes 1 kind of cards. I'm also trying to s/bk stuff for my family. supposed to been working on DH's 4th July book. Got on PC mag site,under the blog section I found U,
I am on, my title is grandambear. Would luv to have a cowgirl,mom,s/bk as an e-friend. I'll be back late to visit.

glograbear said...

Thanks for Ur comment on my blog.People visit but don't leave me comments. I'm h/bound so when I get bored I surf my sites. Going to be getting too hot to work in my room for awhile
What type of cow is in Ur photo? we raised White Face. My dad didn't like Angus for some reason.