Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Now it is Yo Yo Day

Well - so much for my ability to read a date :P

Yesterday was Donald Duck Day - today is Yo Yo Day - sorry for any mixups

DD and Tasha out on the deck this am - they look pretty comfy. I can't wait to scrap this one (and the others that are with it). It is obvious I am a scrapper if you look at my pics - think I took 20 (quick succession) - hard to pick a fav.

DS fixed up the deck so the indoor cats/dogs (mainly for little Orange-o) can play outside - without fighting with our farm tom-cat (he avoids the deck because of the dogs). It was done for one kitty, but they all benefit. However, I have to go find Orangy - one tree is close to the deck - he decided to get into the tree and go play in the yard - not the first time, but it is raining, so getting a wet cat will be a joy (not).

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