Thursday, July 2, 2009

Little Betty Battletank?

What do you think happens when a little pot-bellied pig takes a liking to her "pet" rooster that lives in the same pen with her and some mean old red dog comes in to take said rooster?

Little Betty Battletank comes to life!

This afternoon, Autumn, ds's Golden Retriever, decided that the roosters that Betty Boo kept in her pen as pets should not belong only to Betty. So into the pen goes Autumn.

Autumn is quick and great with birds - so she grabbed a rooster (Betty has 2). The rooster was not amused with being picked up by the red dog, so he starts to crow. Betty noticed and decided to charge the dog.

Autumn jumped out, rooster still in her mouth, Little Betty Battletank charging from behind. Betty was not amused that Autumn took a rooster. (The rooster was even less amused, but I don't feel too bad for him - he got moved from the hen house into the pig pen for constantly trying to attack whoever goes in to feed.)

Autumn did not care for being chased - Betty out-weighs Autumn by about 125 pounds.

The rooster is fine (Autumn has a very soft mouth. Ds saw right away and told her to drop - she did - rooster ran off and is now in the hen house until tomorrow morning.)

All is well that ends well with Betty the Battletank being sad that one of her pets is now on the other side of the fence. She will be happier in the morning when the rooster is returned to her. (She also enjoys playing with some concrete balls that are in her pen)

Betty doesn't like to stand for close-up photos, but she doesn't mind being photographed while napping!

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