Monday, July 6, 2009

41 Cards this weekend!!

I am pretty thrilled - they were completed for a challenge over at We received bags of scraps and were to create 8 cards from each baggie. It was a blast! (ok - I noticed I forgot to color a few of the stamped images - I will do that when I am done with this post)

Note: my scanner isn't working quite right (not sure why - with all other computer problems lately - shouldn't be surprised - lost my hard drive/camera not loading right) - the cards really turned out well - the colors are not nearly as dingy as they look here

Group 1 - the materials were a lot of fun - I really like working with the earthy tones.

Group 2 - the yellows took a minute to figure out, but then I started having fun! I ended up making 9 cards from this group - I don't use yellow much, but may have to now!

Group 3 - another fun group - I really like oranges, so these went together extremely quickly. The one with the monogram R came from a title that was in the package - works perfectly for someone I had in mind!

Group 4 - these are actually the first ones I created - my favorite is the simple green backgroun with a scallop punch and ornament (with mini scallop beside). The one with the butterfly was beautiful before it dried - this is now its before picture - I am planning to take apart and re-make - the ink disappeared when I used crystal lacquer and I dropped something on the distressed stickles (in addition to not getting centered properly). However - Love the clear "paper" that came in this pack of scraps - I hadn't seen anything like that - much, much heavier than transparency. Have to find out where it came from/who makes the paper.

Group 5 - these were fun too! I really enjoy working with the colors now - and it is the first time I have ever used the mesh stuff before!


kelliebean said...

Awesome work - love them all! :)

Loanne said...

Great job on this challenge, your cards turned out super!

Carla Rae said...

Way to go! I love making cards from scraps...I tend to actually get more creative that way???