Sunday, August 16, 2009

Scrappy Saturday

Had a blast meeting with the Twin Cities Crop Group. Waaay too much fun. Totally love the pizza and desert! I finished up some layouts I wanted to complete for DS Eagle Ceremony. Another is layout of another ds taking a nap - he didn't know I had the camera until after he was done stretching (journal will be added later). In the bottom picture, one of the embellishments has shifted - will fix, however, I am looking for a new adhesive. My tombow (loved it for a long time) tends to not lay down the adhesive correctly and the feed ribbon/paper has broken on the last two. They weren't purchased at discounts either, so I am trying new things. I don't care for one I tried, but the Elmers (never knew they made scrappy adhesive) seems to hold very, very well. Haven't compared prices quite yet - just trying to find another that I like. Any suggestions?


Chrispea said...

Sounds like the crop was a fun time!! I like the bottom where you clustered all the goodies. Cute. Hope your ds doesn't get too mad that you snapped those pictures!!

Wanda said...

Love your blog spot, Lucinda! I noticed some of your links. I'm a member of HSLDA, too. And I LOVE Answers in Genisis!!! Great stuff there! I'm going to add your blog spt to mine so I can come back to visit. The animals/pets are amazing. Aren't they so funny? Almost human characteristics - or so I've noticed in mine :) Have a great day!