Monday, May 16, 2011

Rain, Rain, Went away - hip, hip, hurray!

Love the rain, but it is nice to have some dry weather every now and then. My plants are getting ready to go, however, planting won't be for another two weeks, so they sit in my makeshift green house. Basically - the frame from one of those pop-up type canopies that is covered in plastic rather than with the canopy. It works just fine for now, but for long term, this would not be the way to go.

Below is a really fun garage sale find. I plan to remove the doors on the top and it will become storage for my bottled prima's and assorted other flowers and buttons. I haven't decided if I should repaint or just use some techniques and keep the vintage feel.

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SimplyMyCrafts said...

What a great score! It will look so nice filled with all your goodies!