Monday, May 14, 2012

Tried something New

Needle felting!

First rule - be careful not to poke yourself.  This may be obvious, but the needles are sharp LOL.

I started with a pansy - nope, doesn't look too much like a pansy, but I figured out the movement with this project.

Next, I tried a bunny face - hmm - maybe I should have started with a dog face as that is what it looked most like.  It had bunny ears, but I felted them down so it looked more dog like.
 Finally - big time now- let's try a sheep!

Well, the ball for the body went fine.  The head was ok, but I forgot the neck.  However, I think the little guy is kind of cute, so, depending on who is looking, he is either a little bear or a sheep who woke up a bit strange.
While I have a long way to go with my technique, I sure did enjoy creating these projects.  Next up will be more work with flowers.  It may not look it, but the pansy was much more difficult than the above animal.  I guess maybe it is because little animals are often pretty cute.

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