Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to school on Kiss and Make-up Day?????

Its Back to School around here today! Ok, probably not what many envision - no school bus comes, no lunches to pack, I don't even care if they decide to start in their jammies! You probably guessed by now - we homeschool. We also don't start back to school in the normal fashion of many; we kind of "ease" into it, incorporating learning into our everyday routine. We start with just 2-3 subjects this week, add some more next, and by the week after Labor Day, we are into full subject loads (all except the high school age kids - they go full blown next week). Kind of different, I know, but it works for us. Over to the left is an old picture from days gone by - the young man is much older now, but I still remember this age so well. (however, he doesn't get as excited for new school years as he used to)

My scrapping will take a backseat for awhile (still occuring, just a bit slower) while mom gets back into the school routines. Menus are done, shopping is too! However, the bull broke the hayfeeder, so have to add some time in for finding and buying a new one this week. A large black Laborador Retriever also showed up over the weekend. He isn't as large as ours that died was, but he is big, in tact and, like so many, seems very friendly (once we removed the chain/rope he was dragging and an overly tight shock collar). We have called around looking for the owner, hopefully someone calls today. We have taken to calling him Sirus for now. He is well trained (slept inside our old kennel last night - his choosing, not ours) and obeys commands. We are figuring that someone is really missing him.

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