Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mission Trip Pics

Everyone was bothered trying to paint low around the bush - she loves trees/bugs, etc., so volunteered for the assisgnment
We also were able to go to a pow-wow - I learned how a grass dancer is different from other dancers. It was very interesting to learn about the eagle feathers, how costumes were created, and about the dances and origins.

A sneak peak - at a layout I have done for a circle journal project I am participating in. I won't tell whose is whose, but they have been fun! Oh - and below is a visitor we had in our garden this summer - he was very annoying (and annoyed at being disturbed) and sounded like a rattlesnake when he hissed. It is a bullsnake, and though they are great at hunting rodents, they have very bad attitudes when disturbed.

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