Monday, September 29, 2008

Ok - I am learning

Ds just informed me that I can just put my camera card into the computer slot and it will download - no need for cord!!!! So, here are some promised pics!

First - the pulpit is finished and traveled out to the church for ds's eagle project! Just some landscaping left at this point and he will be finished (with the project part)! The picture is of one of the boy scouts sanding the pulpit after getting it moved to the church. There are others in the picture sanding and adding sealer to benches.

Above are some layouts I worked on this weekend - I did some more, but kind of a lot of pics already.

This is an encouragement album. It started with Scrappingirish's (Happy Birthday to her!!) Inspirational theme 6x6 swap, I have added some verses and am now adding the fruits of the spirit. I have two pages completed (though I may add some more to both). The grapes are from a purple swap hosted by Fia - the paper is wonderful, I need to figure out where to get another sheet! (I am kind of stingy in using it because it is so lovely)

These are some items I have been working on with alcohol inks and experimenting. The plum is perfect for my Inspirational album. It is fun to play! This is an embellishment from a page - sorry the pic isn't very good - I am not good at closeups. Anyway - I used two different pp, a rub-on and skittles! (ok, I found out today that the kind I used are called dew drops, but I only know them by the skittle name)

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Marfa said...

Cool Eagle Scout looks like a pulpit! He did a great job!