Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy National Story Telling Day

What a wonderful day for scrappers!

Above is a picture of Charolette's Granddaughter (cow at top of my page). It is kind of cool to have three generations hanging out, though Charolette is getting pretty old these days, so we aren't sure how long she will be around. Ds took the picture - her name is Horn head (I know - gotta watch when letting kids name cows - LOL). She had an entire photo shoot. It is amazing how many pictures of animals we have.

If you remember back in January, we had our first lamb join our farm. Above is Jiggles a few days ago (all animals got their own photo shoots that day). Baby Jiggles is now almost 4 months old and has been growing very quickly. She is a cross between Rambolue and Dorper breed of sheep.

Our first purbred Jacobs lambs were born last week. They will have their pictures posted soon.

Above is a picture of an album I made for ds to put his animal pictures into as he wishes. You can see all the steps and details at - (link is above at the right) under Great Projects in the Crafty Corner section, then go to Chipboard Album.

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Cheeky said...

I miss seeing the cows in NC (behind my MIL's house).

I will have to have my DD look at your site - her name is Charlotte! HA!