Sunday, February 28, 2010

The great BLOGCATION Starts March 7th!!!!

Are you ready?

Before we get started - you can get ready by doing two things

1 - get registered over at Scrapbooking Fun (Blogcation rules/requirements will be posted later this week)

2 - Our Blogcation will have a monochromatic theme (this should eliminate the need for anyone to purchase any special products). Since we are using a monochromatic theme, I am looking for more suggestions regarding how to make your stash work. So far, I have the following (the examples are all using green as the base color)

Ideas to alter plain green (or your own color – please change ink and other colors to match) paper to make it work in a monochromatic layout
  1. Take a green inkpad (different shade than paper) and lightly brush over the top – gives a worn look
  2. Lightly dampen your green – then wad it into a ball. Get lots of wrinkles in there and then lay it out flat to dry
  3. Take a stamp – use green ink and stamp it all over your piece of paper
  4. Take your paper and a piece of sandpaper. Lightly sand the page in various locations
  5. Use a versamark pad to stamp something all over the background
  6. Use a stamp and green embossing powder to make your paper have a different pattern
  7. Use some texture plates to dry emboss something throughout your paper
  8. Check for all green shades of patterned papers – use one of those if you need to (no other colors if at all possible for true monochromatic s)
  9. Use some green thread and stitch some patterns onto your paper (straight, zig zag, whatever)
  10. Use green colored pencils to draw various shades of green in some type of pattern onto your paper
  11. Grab some green acrylic paint and paint a thin layer on your paper. Then add some white and paint some more sheets. Then add some black or blue or whatever and paint some more sheets. This method works great if you start with white and paint the shades you desire. Be sure to make about 4 of each if you choose this one.
  12. Use scraps of green, from your stash, and piece them together to make and entirely new sheet of paper!
I will try to come up with some samples - they will be posted over at Scrapbooking Fun

One last thing- finished my layout for Friday's Sketch challenge over at Practical Scrappers. Mine is more simplistic, but when I tried adding more "zing", I just wasn't happy - took the focus from the pictures too much. So, not sure I followed the sketch completely, but this is my take.

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Kim said...

I love your take on the sketch! It has great focus on the photos! Thanks for playing with us at this weekend's sketch @ Practical Scrappers!
Kim xXx