Monday, March 29, 2010

Peanut Tales

Well, Peanut lives outside now. She no longer needs her coat. The blessings of a warm spring have been wonderful for both her and Izzy. Izzy now lives outside as well with Sonya and Mocha - two more ewe lambs.

Peanut lives in the barn, in her own pen for now, at night, and spends her days with the rest of or small herd. She and Bug, the only other calf right now, play together and nap with the herd during the sunny parts of the day. Peanut is quite a bit smaller than Bug, he is older, but calves always like to play together.

Peanut is still adjusting to her halter - she doesn't like not being in full control of her actions, but needs to learn to follow when indicated. She wears her halter to and from the cow lot each morning and evening - her treat for doing so? she gets her bottle. At night, she gets another treat - her sweet feed. Sweet feed is mainly so we feel better - she likes the sweetness of the molasses, but it really isn't necessary for her. She also likes her treat of alfalfa hay at night, though she also receives some after her morning bottle as well. Ds is thinking of possibly showing her at the local county fair, though we haven't fully decided yet.

If you are curious, Waffles, the baby donkey has been growing well. She loves attention. Sometimes, this can be a hassle if she is in the pen we are working in -- she comes up and keeps nudging us until we pet her, but doesn't stop. She just doesn't understand what "No, Waffles" means, so she ends up back in a small stall until work is completed.

The ducks are also doing well. However, they have taken to laying eggs in the cow lot. This is not the safest place for eggs. The kids have gotten used to looking in creative locations for their eggs. Since we hadn't had ducks before, we suspect that ducks must be spring time layers. Last spring and this spring we have been getting eggs. However, they stop over the summer, fall and winter. I guess it is time for some research.

Have a great day!

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