Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another Day At Home

Yes, that is a live baby calf in the house. Mama had a tough delivery (he weighs in at around 145) combined with cold weather and just him being large meant we needed to help out. He was extremely cold, so we were up with baby all night long. He is looking a ton better here. That black mat he is on is almost 3" thick - made for dairy cows to rest on (when 4 are put together). We had it for our old dog, Bear, so he wouldn't get sores when he would lay down in the basement or when he would be in his outdoor run it would be inside for him.

Anyway - Jr has about a 50-50 chance of survival - each new thing increases it (would have said 2% last night when he came inside - could hardly find a heart-beat). Hoping all goes well and that we can get his mama to take him back, but if not, he will be a bottle baby, which is fine as well (yes, I did think of that when I made the decision to bring him inside to warm up).

As far as scrapping - I am hoping to get a lot done today - I finished ds hs hockey layout yesterday (before jr was born) and plan to work on either Faithbooking lo's or some album pages I am donating for organizations. Table is next to jr and I can be sure dogs and cats don't bother him. Above is a hint of the Posterboard I created for ds - from his first skates to his sr year.


Helen said...

I would of brought the calf in too....way to go! I hope he'll make it.

Helen said...

I would of brought the calf in too....way to go! I hope he makes it.