Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Its National Battery Day!!

Boy we seem to fly through those things sometimes. Right now I am using my laptop with the screen type mouse as my wireless mouse's batteries died :( Oh well!

Looking at headlines this morning makes me want to turn away and just scrap, however, much as I would like to, there are other tasks to be done. Cleaning, teaching, chores, laundry and hopefully scrapping later on today!

I realize I haven't posted anymore faithbooking layouts - but I will - my goal is by Friday (have to charge my camera batteries!). The newest challenge between Scrapper Lady and I consists of Tim Holtz inks, grungeboard, and two other items I cannot remember right now - will post later.

Above - ds was amazed that his dog was able to jump on bales just like the others. Not sure why he didn't think she could, she is very athletic, though she acts very lady like most of the time.

Have a great day!


Emily R. said...

I agree with you about praying for our leaders even if we don't agree with their politics! Good for you teaching that to your children!

Have a lovely day!

ceceparsley said...

I am excited to be working on the faithbook challenge. For "A" I keep coming back to "always present" but have no ideas for the layout yet. Thank you for inviting me to join!

Kristy said...

Hi, Sorry we missed you today at the scrapbook crop.