Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another House Guest!

Well - I never intended to have a rabbit inside my house, but ds was trying to breed two of his rabbits and it was NOT love at first site. The male started attacking his female, of course not when we were around, so she has moved into our house until she heals. She should be fine - everything is pretty superficial. Her name is Suzie. Her intended mate, Bill, is now again on his own, don't know that he will ever see another female.

Suzie is interesting to watch. She has been in a barn with ducks and chickens, so the noise hasn't bothered her, neither have the dogs or cats. I never planned to have a zoo inside my house! Anyway - above are some pictures ds took of little Suzie. She is a New Zealand Dwarf (I believe, ds has better knowledge than I of these things). She is a good little girl and it has been interesting, though it is driving another ds's golden retriever nuts. (she is pictured earlier in this blog with a pirate hat on her head.) Autumn is not fond, actually she is overly fond, of Suzie. So much so that I believe she would enjoy having Suzie for dinner. The fun never ends :)

I actually got some scrapping done (well, some was done a long time ago) and these are some birthday cards for a swap I am in over at ScrapbookingFun. One of these days I will get better at close up pictures. (ds took the one of his rabbit - looks like I need to ask him what he did)

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