Wednesday, February 11, 2009

White Tee-Shirt Day

My son should like this one - he wears plain, old, white tee-shirts a lot!

Well - Suzie is doing fine - she is pretty content in her home and likes to play with her wooden carrot a lot. She seems to be doing just fine. She gets stared down by Autumn a lot, but pretty much ignores the dog. Autumn, on the other hand is having a tough time dealing with Suzie in the house. They are comical. Above is Autumns face as she sits watching the bunny.

I am still working on B. I don't have a clear idea of the direction to go quite yet - there are so many things to choose from, I don't quite know where to go. I will be praying that some choice pops out. (B, for me, is kind of like looking at a copy paper box of pictures and trying to decide where to start)

Welcome to Ceceparsley who is joining our Faithbooking journey! It should be a great experience. If anyone else wishes to join - just let me know. You can either start with the letter we are on, or another letter - whichever you prefer. One of our goals is to leave records of our faith for our children. I cannot think of a better legacy to leave them - letting them see how God has influenced our lives and is involved on a daily basis.

No pictures this morning - maybe I will get some creating done later today (I hope so). Have a great White T-Shirt Day!

Well guess who needed a bath! One of the dogs decided that playing in the large puddle that is now in our cow lot would be fun - needless to say - HE STINKS!! I don't do much with dogs (unless needed), so the kids are bathing him. His stench is gone and they are having fun. Not so sure the dog is enjoying nearly as much as the kids (they are soaked). Well - it has always been said that good, clean fun is the best!

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Kristy said...

Autumn is such a pretty dog. I love her coloring!!!