Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brrr - it is -27 this morning

Ok - yes, it is cold - but everyone is keeping warm. It is amazing how much warmer it is in the barns than outside. Just keeping the wind (no idea what the wind chill is, but 40 to 50 below is probably the area) cut helps tremendously.

The public schools in the area have called off for the day - kids were kind of bummed that mom didn't. Oh well - I did relent somewhat and let them know that it would be an educational game day. Current plans include choices like
Science: Element-o, Into the Forest, maybe some kitchen chemistry - Robert Krampf's site had a fun one with carmelizing sugar like they do for soda pop
Geography: Take-Off, See the USA, Global Pursuit
Religion: Bible Trivia and 10 Commandments
Spelling and Vocabulary: Scrabble and Up-words
Math: cooking - probably take recipes for cookies and make them 1 2/3 times the original and maybe change another recipe to 4/5 the original size.
History: One who is studying WWII is trying to get Axis and Allies, World with the paratrooper expansion for an assignment (would, but this game takes a lot of time). The game is fun, so maybe.
Art: Pictionary or Cranium (ok - these may be a stretch, but still fun)
Phy. Ed.: Just taking dogs out and doing chores is enough, but I foresee a Dance Dance Revolution dance mat competion again today. (If you ever to the DDR - best thing for us has been a 2" thick mat designed for Dairy cows to lay on. Was for our old dog so he wouldn't get sore, but now for an old mom so she can participate in the kids games without hurting her joints.)

Well - time to get back to things - have a great day and stay warm.

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