Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy January 7th!

Today started out interesting - I didn't get my quiet time in - took forever to get coffee going - had a nice breakfast with dh - picked up car from shop - ds went out and one of his ewes died overnight (not sure why) - take care of that - school time - not a smooth day - heard about some new possible laws that will be/are being debated - oh boy - guess I need to get more active - lunch time (leftovers, again????) - at least there were plenty and fridge is getting cleaned out - meeting for tonight cancelled (whoo hoo) - article in magazine requires a letter to the editor - still not ready - hockey practice - try to chip more snow/ice from drive - time on-line - Charolette (cow at top of page) was having trouble getting up - help with that - remind kids of indoor chores - make dinner - everyone else at church and I have a few hours on my own - no idea what to do (so blogging). Maybe quiet time - late, but in - not sure yet.

Well - so much for having an interesting post - hope you all have a great day tomorrow!

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