Friday, July 11, 2008

Anniversary of Skylab Falling to Earth - 1979

I just realized - I forgot about yesterday's holiday/celebration event. It was the anniversary of Wyoming becoming a state (1890).

Today is hot, humid, humid and hot. The cows are going out on back pasture to help them escape the bugs and heat (somewhat). Seems like quite a while ago that the barn lot looked like this (snow) - this picture was taken Easter Sunday (the bull had broken the post and leaned on the fence, but the calves were looking cute)

CKMB - oh boy - causes a headache if looking at the new color combos for too long (in my case 15 minutes!) Well - on the bright side, I won't be spending much time there anymore.

Just finished some fall page projects and will get them into the mail. Working on some fall tags - I need to use two techniques. Not sure which ones sound good, so if anyone has some ideas - I am all up for hearing them.

Trying to get through some school stuff here - need to work on history curriculum and figure which stuff I need to get ordered for science labs. Right now the older kids are using Spectrum Chemistry (totally love this curriculum) and Rainbow (same author). The fact that it is 3 days per week, but lab intense is a huge plus. They are being exposed to more concepts than what is offered in public school science courses. After experiencing Spectrum Chemistry this year, I would agree that it is comparable to a college level basic chemistry course.

Well - off to help with brat sales, so if you are in a/c - hang out and be happy. Will be in the humidity all day today, but an ice arena tonight - so I will get a chance to cool off! Have a great weekend!

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