Monday, July 14, 2008

Quick Day Listing

I have to run all week so I figured I would at least get the days listed! For the record, often some days have several observances, I just pick one I like to list!

Monday - 7/14/08 - Pandemonium Day
Tuesday - 7/15/08 - Cow Appreciation Day (time to hug those cows)
Wednesday - 7/16/08 - Roald Amundson Birthday (first person to fly over North Pole in Durigible)
Thursday - 7/17/08 - Yellow Pig Day
Friday - 7/18/08 - John Glenn's Birthday
Saturday - 7/19/08 - National Rasberry Cake Day
Sunday - 7/20/08 - National Ice Cream Day (3rd Sunday of Month)

Hopefully I will have some time later this week to post some camp kit layouts I am working on/plan to finish!

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