Thursday, July 10, 2008

CKMB Beta Site and Homeschool Spelling Programs

I have been posting to the new site - boy is it different! Once I finally figured out how they will be doing swaps, I was able to post, but I miss some of the old features! I hope we get to go back to boards at some point, but if we dont, might as well get used to the new site. There are some advantages - being able to read other posts without having to scroll three different screens and the posts can be deleted. Oh well - me and change - sometimes we don't get along too well.

Old cd's - any great uses? Below is a card I made (last year) with Tim Holtz inks and an old cd. I hate to throw them away, so I am always looking for new uses.

On another note, I am looking for a new spelling program for one of my older children. I have used

  • Spelling Power - totally love this one - it works great for most of my kids. After using for three years with now high school age girl, she can spell basic words correctly (most of the time) now, but still having issues. (She is a prolific writer - 50/60 page stories are not an issue, but remembering how to spell the words is - started in public school with the method that you spell how it sounds - boy has that stuck. Spelling Power was able to pull another child out of that method, but just isn't working for her as well I hoped.) The boys all love drawing out the large letters in sand, soap, whatever we are using that day. Terrific in that it incorporates more than just standard writing into learning.

  • Abeka - not a favorite around here - way too much bookwork involved, but excellent vocabulary sections. We used the word lists to help with vocabulary, but used them in our writing rather than as written.

  • Spelling Workout - a good basic program. The word lists are like I remember from grade school. It takes a lot more time than Spelling Power. If your child enjoys seatwork, this would be a good option, but with boys, I wouldn't recommend it - too much seatwork.

  • Two others that I no longer remember the titles, but both were similar to the Abeka and Spelling Workout curriculums

Debating teaching her Latin and/or Greek - maybe using a foreign language would help?

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