Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy First Day of Fall

I love the way the sun is behind the cross in the top pic and the rainbow you can just see outlining!

One of our Ds's is working on his Eagle project. This is a pic of him and some boys helping to put up the final cross at the outdoor worship area he is in charge of building. They are doing a rustic looking area - it is really turning out nice. I cannot wait until it is completed!

Our DD was approved to start with her Gold Award project in Girl Scouts over the weeken. She is very happy that she gets to start, now she will be working with her advisor to get her grant proposal done.

It is the first day of fall and has been absolutely beautiful this past week! We have been working on getting the garage cleaned out (btw - the barn is ready to go to a certain young man!). I will be running to Goodwill later this week - it is amazing how much STUFF gets collected over 20+ years of marriage. I found some things unopened; others open, but never used; and then the well used, but no longer wanted group of items. I think my trash can received more than the back of my truck, however it is packed almost to the brim! 8 more containers to go, then we will have cleaned out all rubbermade (and off brand) totes, hockey bags, milk crates, boxes, and shopping bags that were filled in the great exodus from our basement.

My youngest ds's are enjoying having their own rooms. My craft shelf (other than scrapbooking materials) has decreased from one room (small, but a room) to a single, floor to ceiling, 4' wide shelf. Kind of tough, but other than old quilt tops, there were a lot of craft projects I just will not get to for quite some time. Especially the ones still brand new are off to find homes where they can be enjoyed!

I took a lot of pics this past weekend and probably will this next week as well - the leaves are changing. The colors are always so beautiful. I cannot locate my camera cord (this is not good), so none of the newer pics are coming, but the ones posted are some that I really like.


NancyJones said...

OH IM SO JEALOUS down here we have fall for like... A DAY. (but we still can go to the beach in November lol)
That photo of the cross with the sun and the rainbow gave me that warm glowey all over kinda hug this morning. What a great feeling.
Thanks for sharing that with blog land :)

jessicamae3 said...

I love your blog! And that cow...he is looking at you like what in the world are you doing???!!!

Tiff said...

Thanks for visiting me....i love meeting new blogger friends.

angie worthington said...

oh, wow!!!...the picture with the sun & the cross is awesome!!! your blog!...

Marfa said...

Beautiful photos!