Monday, September 29, 2008

Poisoned Blackberries Day??? We celebrated something else!

Wow - where did this one come from? I googled and found the following "In the 1700s blackberries were the cause of more deaths than any other form of fruit from a vine or patch. Since then, tens, if not pairs of people take this day to hunt for blackberries that can kill someone instantly when consumed."

Well that may be the day we found, but dd came up with a better one Barlow Girl Monday on Air 1!!! She was so thrilled to hear them - they are her favorite group. She has met them at an autograph signing - was even able to have them sign a fan decoration she had made for her room! Great day for her.

I had a great weekend at the crop - got some stuff done, some stuff progressing, and of course, bought some stuff (who can resist with a 50% off coupon?)

Also - working on my Faithbook layouts that came in Septembers kit - there are some beautiful papers. Will get more of those posted as well.

Pics coming tomorrow!

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