Friday, September 26, 2008

No new pics today (at least not yet). It is Friday! I am attending an all day crop tomorrow and need to prepare! I have one kit ready to go and that is it! (and really, I guess ready isn't the right word - I wanted to paint the chipboard before going - saw some cool ideas in the latest Creating Keepsakes - just in one of the ads. Gotta give it a shot!

Hopefully I will get more together and have lots of fun things to post come Monday! But first paper sorting, a quick trip to sharpen skates, pick up milk, find some pics, assemble kits (be creative in this time????), dinner (ok - ds is getting everything in the crock pot for me, so other than supervising him, he is 11, this is done), running to hockey practice, and get everything packed into the car. A pretty typical day. Oh yeah, we homeschool as well, so spelling tests, supervising, helping, teaching, etc too.

Have a great weekend!

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