Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy Newspaper Carrier Day!

Alright - school is back in full swing (beginning of year testing day today) and we have a new computer setup going! Now I can get up to three people on computers for research, typing, etc., and really help our schedule go much more smoothly!

I just finished my layout for tx-nana-scraps challenge over on the AMR boards (well at least one part) . It was to be a layout with 5 pictures, 5 papers, 5 embellishments, and 5 journalling spots! It was quite the challenge for me, but I really enjoyed myself. I used two different patterned papers, two different solids (brown and white), then if you look in the corners, there are two patterns of inchies used (both made from just "plain" old cardstock - so I guess I used 6 papers!); the embellies are fastenator staples, fun black and orange and tan fiber, a chipboard slide, a paperclip with a ribbon, a thanksgiving laser cut (from the AMR continuous RAK), and a flower with a metal star inside; the journalling blocks are self explanatory. The pics are old, but remind me of when we were first married - sometimes I went to a lot more effort to make the appetizers look nice (on a very limited budget) than I do these days - I think I will try to do that again.

I also just finished putting together my Bible verse swaps book from Scrappingirish's swap at CKMB. I sent off others, but never did get mine organized. I found a great little spiral 6x6 album at the dollar store (of all places) to put the layouts in! I have space left over, so my goal is to add special verses/layouts as I feel led. Will post pics of that soon! Thanks again to all the wonderful ladies who participated. I love my book!

School supplies are still being ordered - our schedule is such that the "new" new topics won't start until after the 15th. I can't wait - we haven't done much with hydrodynamics before and it sure looks interesting/fun! I just got a little baggie of shredded cash from the Federal Reserve Bank! Kids think it is pretty cool (totally unusable, but really neat). We have used their materials before for our economics classes, so they sent a survey out and if you answered the questions, they sent you out this cool baggie of destroyed money as a thank you. It may be silly to some people, but it is really fun to look at and try to determine which bills were shredded! (For my scrap pals - this may show up on a future layout!)

Well - time to help someone with school. Have a great day!

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