Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Miss that squirrel day!

I don't really know if this is an official day, but ds was out riding his bike (phy-ed this month for homeschool). However, one of the friendly?, neighborhood squirrels wanted to see what he was up to, so stepped out and into the path of an oncoming bicycle. Well, ds didn't want to run him down (he has a much softer spot in his heart for animals), so over he swerved on the dirt road. He showed up at the house a few minutes later - glasses bent, dirty, scratches around his eye, both arms, dirt ground into his shoulder and blue jeans. I think he now wants to hunt the friendly?, neighborhood squirrel and invite him for dinner! (yes, I have had squirrel before - but it was when I was younger)

Well - we shall see how this saga plays itself out. He cannot use a shotgun or rifle around here, and the pellet gun is not in operating condition. I have a sneaking suspicion that the squirrel will get off :)

On to scrapbooks!

The pages posted are some from a 6x6 religious swap that Scrappingirish hosted over at CKMB. I have them in a book and am trying to add to it on a regular basis. I have not done faithbooking before, but hope this helps me get further.

Oh - if you have any good title ideas for this pic, i would love to hear them. DD and friend at GS camp a few weeks ago - love the glowing glasses!

Shh! :) My thanksgiving card swap - finally figured a design! The tag pulls out and can be used as a bookmark!

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ScRaPbOoKfReNzY said...

I like your faithbook. I have some of that colorful ribbon you have on your "patience" page. I like how you used it with that title. TFS!