Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Rainy Day (At least in our area) :)

It is currently raining, but the fireplace is nice and warm. One of the boys cut his knee open today, so we had to run into the Dr. office to see about stitches. On the phone, the nurse said anything over 1" has to be looked at. Using a ruler, his measured 2 1/2" long, just below the kneecap, so in we went. Steri strips and super glue - wow, who knew! We had to put new stuff on at home - it only lasted about 2 hours. Hopefully by having him sit still for an hour before moving will help.

There is an upcoming crop at an lss - going with my friend Scrapper Lady. I am working on my decorator squares for one of Buster's swaps and some ATC's for one of Kimmo's.

We have our science room changed around for school. Much better lighting and bigger spaces - can't wait to use more now! Science is so fun! Right now we are planning on doing some balance experiments from Robert Krampf's website. One son was wondering why we needed a potato, 2 forks and a toothpicks for this one. Check out his website at

We got back from Girl Scout camp over the weekend where my daughter scored bullseyes during her archery sessions. She was happy because this year all her arrows hit the target. She prefers to use the "old fashioned" bows rather than compound.

My photo makes no sense, but is one with some kids opening up some new Heroscape figures. We really like to play that game - we are always collecting new figures and enhancing our battlegrounds.

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