Sunday, January 3, 2010

Calfy is still going

She needs to be watched (basically because she is indoors). She is more stable when she walks and is doing her "duties" with regularity. She has been trying to figure out nursing/sucking, but hasn't returned to full understanding.

She sleeps about 18-20 hours per day, approximately 2 hours at a time. This past time, she got up, did her thing, then wanted to suck on anything nearby. I worked with her for about 20 minutes with two different bottle nipples, but she only took in 2 ounces. So, it was a feeding tube again. Hopefully, by continually working every time she gets up, we can get her to either nurse from a bottle, or even just slurp everything up out of a bucket.

Though she is inside, she still needs a blanket when sleeping - otherwise she starts to get cold and shiver. So, we keep going, one day at a time.

The Wii fit that was a Christmas gift has been coming in handy to help us track her weight. (however, she is listed as a little dog on the screen :))

On a good/positive note - I have had more time to work on swaps. I have a few completed. If you do scrapbook swaps over at, and want to be surprised, don't scroll any further :). The images are not exact - the one for the Christmas Past is my copy - I didn't like the glimmer mist on the edges, or the background being that large and distressed, so the actual ones coming out are a bit different (and have one more piece). The others are from the Love Bandit Swap and it is just a sample set of pages. They all vary just a bit.

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