Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Continued progress

She drank her entire bottle by herself this morning!! Took 1/2 hour, but she did it on her own :) :) :)

Then she laid back down (by herself without falling - that is another improvement) and looks as if she will now nap for a while.

She has her days and nights a bit mixed up (or maybe this is normal). She thinks 1-5 a.m. are the times she should be awake and moving (if she was with her own mom, I wouldn't care nearly as much)! However, hopefully we will continue to see improvement. Once she is on a bottle - fully on her own, and able to maintain her body temperature without assistance, we can move her outside (she will still have to wear a blanket and remain in heated enclosure, but out of my house would be good) :).

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