Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Favorite Tag of 2009

Well - I was looking at a lot of different things and a question came up about posting my favorite tag that I have done. I do have to say - it is a fairly simple one, I would change a few things next time, but it is the first one below (has photographs). Also are some of my other tags that I enjoyed creating this past year. Technically, the All Star tag was completed in 2010 for a challenge over at Sketches 4 All/Sketches 4 You

Inspired by TH Tags of Christmas, I completed this tag for the 25 Days of December Challenge over at Scrapbooking Fun. Thanks Pixerframer for all the great classes. They gave me the push to try another tag - so here is my favorite for the past year (sorry the picture quality isn't so hot):

All the tags were given away, many before I took pictures, but that was a really fun part - seeing smiles on faces when they ask about tags. Only the All Star tag and my favorite (which became a tree ornament) are still here.

Something to smile about - Peanut is eating hay!!! Not large quantities, but Izzy has been teaching her how to do so. Picture is blury because Peanut was moving her head, but it is a good sign!! The other picture is Peanut in her halter. She loves to run about outside for periods of time (it is nice if she does at least her most smelly duty there too!). She is getting stronger each day, though she is still really thin. She didn't think too much of her pretty blue halter, though she doesn't seem to mind it either.

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