Thursday, January 7, 2010

I think we have turned the corner

Calfy is still not where we would like a calf of her age to be (1 week and 1 day), but she now vigorously eats her bottles, three times a day, and lays down without falling 99% of the time now. She if finally figuring to bend her knees!!

She is starting to fill out, though is still extremely thin, but no longer as gant looking and wants to eat. Now if we can get her interested in hay and pellets (a pressed feed with grain and other nutrients).

The dogs, Brigetta here, have become more helpful now as calfy eats her entire bottle, but they lick her chin for her (as well as any drops off the ground). She seems to enjoy their licking after her bottle and it sure calms her down quicker than anything else we have tried, as she now wants more when her bottle is completely gone. She is being slowly bumped up on feed, but we do not want her to get scours (calf diareha) so she has one more day before she gets another increase in milk.

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