Friday, January 15, 2010

Peanut Meets the World (in her own way)

Peanut has been outside longer and longer each day. This morning we went for a run in with other cows. Below, she is meeting the bull, his name is Luke. Other than a brief, 'Who are you', look, Luke was more interested in licking the remains of Peanut's morning bottle from her chin than anything else. Yes, cows do retain an esophageal reflex their entire lives (kind of cool - mean that if you give them a bottle, every day for life - the milk will go straight to their albulmasum)

Then we met all the cows, one by one. In this picture, Peanut's mom, the one with horns, sniffed, then left and Juniette, mom of Bug (calf Peanut is smelling) is also interested to see who the newcomer may be. Unfortunately, Peanut's mom is still less interested in Peanut than any other cow in the pasture.

And now it is time for our run. Glad Peanut doesn't run as fast as Bug yet, or I couldn't keep up LOL. Peanut is beginning to figure out that the halter, though she has to follow its orders, isn't as bad as she first thought. It is a nice 20 degree morning, so Peanut isn't wearing her blanket. However, after a good meet and greet and run, it is time to come inside and rest.

Oh - if you are curious, the dirt you see is not due to lack of snow (there are about 15 inches of "old" snow on the ground right now). It is because we had to plow the way to where we store our hay in the winter.

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