Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Calfy still improving

She is very slow with improvement, but she gets up and down without assistance much better now than ever before. She is finally figuring out to bend her knees rather than try to sit with her back end first like a dog.

Calfy drinks her bottles on her own, though not quite right yet. It still takes about 20 minutes for her to drink a quart, though she no longer makes near the mess she was making when drinking on her own. We haven't gotten her to take more than 2.5 quarts in a day yet, but hopefully, soon, she will grown enough so we can get her up to 4 quarts a day. She is still right around 60 pounds, so at 2.5 quarts - she is drinking right around 5 lbs of nourishment a day - on the low end of recommended, but within the 4.8-6 lbs per day recommended at her age/weight.

So far, no interest in hay or other feeds, but they are still offered. It will be good for her when she figures out her water bucket, feed, and hay.

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