Thursday, January 7, 2010

She is doing better

Calfy is becoming a pain. She no longer sleeps near as much as she did and is always looking for new things to suck on while wandering. She does still sleep a lot, not back to normal, but it is good she is becoming harder to keep content in her small area. It is only about 8x8, so she can't really run (hasn't tried yet either).

She is also mooing more now. All good signs and making me much more excited for the day she can go back out to the barn. Kids are working on designing a new heated "crate" for her and Izzy to live in once they go back outside.

Right now, she is not going to be able to stand up to the elements. My friend is helping me make her a larger blanket/coat that she will wear and Izzy will be getting one too. Calfy's favorite place to stand is still in front of the fire. The grate is there to be sure she doesn't get too close to the glass and singe her fur.


Krista's Design said...

What a cuty!!!
How old is she?

Lucinda said...

She is one week and one day today. Looking way more alert than before