Saturday, January 9, 2010

Whoo Hoo - Peanut is trying to jump !!

Izzy and her bow - a quick question for scrappers - what is the easiest way to put a bow on a sheep? Glue dots, of course LOL

Peanut continues to improve. It is so nice that she is. Often, animals who come in are found too late to do much for other than make them comfortable. Peanut and Izzy will be moving outside soon (yes, I am excited, though I know it is a week away) and I can clean up and out my basement!!

Peanut loves to sleep in front of the fireplace these days. The screen keeps her from getting too close. Izzy seems to have the hang of it - she never has touched the fireplace, however, calfy has some singed fur from getting close.

I am hoping to get some work on my swaps done today. I finished setting up recipes in publisher to print for Pixerframers Can't Resist Recipe swap. I even did some sketches to figure out matting, embellishments and all for recipe cards :)

Also on tap - re-figuring a photo mat for the Scrapbooking Swap. I made one mat and don't care for it at all! I have no idea how to make it better and have been trying to figure out why I volunteered to do a photo mat - I always find them extremely challenging. Oh yeah - that is why I picked a photo mat - they are so hard for me that the only way I will improve is to do - - - sometimes I wish my parents hadn't taught me that (NOT - so happy they did). Well - off to finish brunch for kids (eggs to go with freshly made coffee cake) and get mad at more photo mats ROFL.

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